Joon Mali


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This page is all about and the spunky little Asian teen running it. Joon Mali is 18 years old and hails from Thailand. At 5'2" and 101 lbs she is the perfect shorty. She is smart enough not to embarrass you in front of your friends and nieve enough to be seen out on the town with a guy like you. Hey, don't get bent out of shape, I am also referring to me too!


Joon loves the ocean. Many of her picture sets and videos are of her at the beach. When her suit gets wet you can see her small tits with perky nipples and shaved pussy underneath. This girl is the queen of camel toe. Not only does Joon Mali have a sweet camel toe, she also has a nice bubble butt. It isn't often that short Asian girls have bubble butts like Joon's.


Members of can email Joon and send her text messages. She is so cute. She is just learning English so reading her replies you almost feel like she is in front of you speaking with her Thai accent and stumbling trying to find the correct words. It makes her feel self conscious and I don't know why!?!? Girls don't realize that guys like us actually like that and think it is a big turn on!


Joon Mali definitely isn't shy. Even though most Asians are modest about nudity and sex, this girl is the exceptional exception! Joon gets completely nude in her videos and she loves to play with her pussy. She also likes playing with her friend's pussies too! You can stream or download the Joon Mali videos and each video comes with a matching photo set.


To keep things spicy Joon also has many perks for her members. They include wallpapers and magazine covers, games staring Joon and diary entries complete with candid photos. Along with those perks are the regular updates. New photos go up right after shooting on Tuesdays and videos go up on Friday after they are encoded. Why so long? They encode her videos to work with Windows Media Player, Real Player, Quicktime and the IPOD. So you don't need to do any converting on your part should you want to take the videos with you on vacation!


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